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Pets I've Met is a photo-sharing app for pet fanatics like you! It allows you to keep photo memories of every animal you meet. The app features a Pet Passport that includes a collection of all your pet photos including details such as the date you captured the memory, information of the animal, and whatever comments you want to add.

Future versions will allow you to be more social within the app, allowing you to comment and give cute pets virtual love. You will also have capability to donate to your local animal shelter and find local businesses that are pet friendly!


1. Newsfeed

When the app opens you will be transported to a world of cute animal photos. You’ll be able to see every animal photo posted by other pet fanatics like yourself in a scrollable newsfeed. Never miss a cute pet photo again!

2. Collect Photo Memories

When you meet a new furry friend or your own pet is being cuter than ever, you can snap a photo and add them to your Pet Passport. This way, you’ll never forget the name, breed, or location where you met each adorable pet.

3. Pet Passport

Ever want to show off your own pet’s photos at a party but it takes too long to scroll through your pictures? With the Pet Passport feature you can tag pictures to a specific pet! This makes it easy to show multiple pictures of the same animal.

Coming Soon!

Below are additional features we plan to add after we gather more feedback from pet fanatics like you. Keep a lookout for these soon!

4. Comments & Interactions

See a cute cat on the app and want to give her a treat? Or a dog that needs a good belly rub? Tell those little cuties they are good boys and girls and give them some love!

5. Donate To A Shelter

Want an easy way to donate to the local animal shelter? We are beginning to partner with shelters around the world to give you an avenue to make sure all the animals are well taken care of until they find their furever home.

6. Travel With Your Pet

Is it a nice day out and you want to bring the pup to dinner? Maybe looking for a cat cafe to spend the afternoon? A mapping feature is in the works so wherever you are you can see which businesses are animal friendly! You’ll never have to leave your dog at home again!

7. Badges & Rewards

Earn badges as you meet more animals and achieve goals! For example, you can earn the Rescue Badge after you make donations to five animal rescues. Or the Traveling Badge after you meet an animal in five states! Collect and compete with with your friends to see who can collect the most badges.

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